Young Pioneers in Explaining and Protecting Islamic Identity
۱۳۹۸/۰۹/۰۹ ۱۰:۴۱ 2088

Young Pioneers in Explaining and Protecting Islamic Identity


Young Pioneers in Explaining and Protecting Islamic Identity

زینب لموچی دلی[1]

مهرزاد لموچی دلی[2]



Islamic identity is one of the most important aspects of identity that plays a decisive role in identifying individuals in a society. And reinforcing this after-identity can consolidate other dimensions  And the challenge in this area can cause crisis in other aspects of identity

Given that the young force of every society has a decisive role in the fate of that country

In explaining Islamic identity, in fact, the national spirit and conscience of a nation are guided by their movement in history. Strategies to integrate Islamic identity among youth And to be a part of their personality seems necessary Which includes providing sufficient and useful information and information to the young community; Their participation in various political field, Social, economic, cultural and religious; freedom of expression; It is to create a spirit of research in young people In this descriptive-analytical method, while explaining the concept of "Islamic identity", Take a special look at the role of youth in explaining and protecting Islamic identity  And the factors that influence the formation of Islamic identity are discussed  Which provide the necessary platform for authentication among young people It is explained in the principle of godliness, healing and resurrection That is a sweeping movement of youth to return to Islamic identity  Their growth in religion and their attention to Islamic precepts And the restoration of dignity, Islamic identity, unity and a stronger bond Among the youth as a powerful force against other powers Has been in the world and the realization of unity among the Islamic world  It will be effective when it comes to preserving Islamic identity among the younger generation


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